Metronome All Stars

The Metronome All Stars with Nat Cole at the piano

The Metronome All Stars with Nat Cole at the piano

Metronome Magazine was a monthly music magazine that published from 1881 to 1961. It focused primarily on Jazz in its final years and sponsored annual reader polls to select the best Jazz instrumentalists of the time. The magazine would then bring the winners together for recording sessions. The incomparable and famous Leonard Feather was a co-editor at the magazine. The studio recordings were made in the years 1939-42, 1946-53, and 1956. Visit the Wikipedia article for more information about the magazine and the All Stars.

The Recordings

Leap Here

Group: Metronome All Stars
Label: Capitol Matrix Number: Capitol (15039)
Record Type: Double sided 10 inch 78 RPM
Date Recorded: 1947


This disk is the result of a recording session with the 1947 readers poll winners. They were brought together in the Capitol Records studio to lay down two sides. The lineup includes Dizzy Gillespie, Nat ‘King’ Cole, Bill Harris, Buddy DeFranco, Flip Phillips, Billy Bauer, Eddie Safranski, & Buddy Rich. It’s a fantastic, energetic, lively, and fun recording. “Leap Here” was written by Cole. He is known primarily as a singer but his piano playing is masterful and he manages to show it all off here. Dizzy, of course, blasts his was through this piece joyfully. It’s unfair to single out any one player in this piece, they are all monsters on their instruments, but noteworthy is Bill Harris’ trombone. His is no staid scale exercise. Listen to how he plays with the instrument as he delves into his solo. Fun stuff!



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