Johnny Johnson Orchestra

We don’t know much about Johnny Johnson. There’s a brief biography on YouTube with another of his recordings. Oddly, he has an entry in IMDb. Apparently he and his orchestra appeared in a half dozen or so musical shorts in the late 1920s and 30s with titles like “Love and Onions.”

The Recordings

Goody Goody

 record label Group: Johnny Johnson Orchestra
Label: Conqueror Matrix Number: Conqueror (8621)
Record Type: Double sided 10 inch 78 RPM
Date Recorded: 1936

I love this song. Written by Matty Malneck with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, “Goody Goody” has been sung by a host of famous singers from Ella Fitzgerald to Frank Sinatra. You can find many of their performances on YouTube. But this recording from 1936 by Johnny Johnson and his orchestra is my favorite cover. Unlike Sinatra’s version, for example, Johnson’s arrangement (along with Al Jennings’ vocals) captures the delight you feel when the person who dumped you is dumped by someone else. It’s light and funny. So many other covers lack the energy and “ha-ha!” that Johnson’s has.

Here’s the video, which we uploaded to YouTube:



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